Hagen and Iron Blogging

I am living in Germany since November 2015 and it’s been a long, interesting and also challenging time for me.

I finally could meet my friend Hagen today, the first and last time we met each other was in Joomla day Iran which was also a great experience. He came to Germany many times but every time something happened and we could not meet each other until today. We went to a nice Italian restaurant in the old parts of Düsseldorf city, and then we looked for a place to sit and have a nice drink too, well we could not find any place to sit since all the bars were too full due to Real Madrid and Bayern Munich match, but we could get a drink. We had a lot to talk about, like our works and what have we done so far and what are we doing at the moment.

We talked about Politics, European life, Business, Banking systems, economy, social life in different countries, languages and ways of communication, food, culture and a lot of other stuff.

We talked about life in Germany specially for Non-German people,the challenges they would have with the new culture and also how nice somethings are in Germany and German social system.

Hagen told me about his works and the stuff that he is doing to have fun and also the way he likes to enjoy his life and also about his family.

He told me about learning and speaking French in France as non-French person who always works in English and speaks English and German.

It was a wonderful night and I am so happy that I could meet a friend after 5 years in another continent. The way that we can use technology and social networks to stay connected is actually so amazing.

Hopefully I will meet him again soon.

Last year, Hagen told me about a project called iron blogging and tonight he explained it to me again, it is a project for blogging, I liked the idea , so I joined and this is my first blog post for iron blogging.